January 6, 2020

Attorneys with Swag Episode 2

peter alizio calendar icon at 9:06 AM
I will be a guest on "Attorneys with Swag" episode 2 the tax law episode. I had a lot of fun filming and discussing tax law with the other attorneys. The premier viewing of Attorneys with Swag is Thursday 1/9 @ the Bombay Theatre in Fresh Meadows NY.

The Set of Attorneys with Swag

About Attorneys with Swag 

(from website: https://www.attorneyswithswag.com)
Attorneys with Swag is a show featuring Eugene Toussaint, Everett Hopkins, Kevin Michels, and Jubril Oladiran as four practicing attorneys based in New York City who discuss a diverse range of topics regarding the law (mostly about the criminal justice system) and everything else in between. Each episode also features a special guest who adds meaningful, and sometimes controversial, perspectives and experiences within the legal field including police officers, paralegals, plaintiffs, defendants, and victims. 
The format of the show is meant to imitate the Socratic Method of learning - a method used in law school to train people how to think like lawyers. It is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals based on asking and answering critical thought-provoking questions to fully explore certain experiences. However, because of the different personalities and experiences of the hosts and guests, each discussion inevitably leads to enlightening, hilarious, and sometimes heated conversations.