December 26, 2019

Alizio Law 2020

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Tax Lawyer Looking Forward 2020
As the year comes to an end it is time to take inventory and reflect.  In 2019 a client complained about calls going straight to voicemail and unable to talk to an actual person.  We subsequently retained a receptionist service to ensure there will always be someone to pick up your call.  Additionally, in 2019 we began issuing electronic invoices and accepting electronic payments.  I believe this year we made progress towards running a more efficient office. Also, let us not forget we wrote the Guide to Filing Past Due Income Tax Returns in 2019.

Alizio Law Going Forward into 2020 

We will try flat-fee pricing for certain taxpayers in collections who are looking to enter into an installment agreement or wishing to submit an offer (offer in compromise).  Another change, all payments going forward must be made electronically as this will prevent us from accepting any checks that will later be returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (this occurred multiple times in 2019).

Website Development– In the upcoming year, we plan to create a substantial Sales Tax Information Center section on our website.

As always if you need assistance with a tax matter or wish to speak with a tax professional feel free to schedule a no-charge consultation.